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Adventure Antigua Tours

Adventure Antigua offers three regular tours and many different private tour options. Each boat has been carefully designed to suit each tour they do:

The Eco Tour, The Xtreme Circumnav and their latest tour The Antigua Classic Yacht.

Adventure-Antigua-Tour-2The Eco-Tour – The emphasis of the tour is on the ecology and history of the area: little islands, countless reefs, mangrove and the opportunity to see local residents including Turtles, Frigate Birds, Herons, Pelicans, Spotted Eagle Rays, Sting Rays, Barracuda, Osprey, Turns, Noddies, Laughing Gulls, and the beautiful Tropic Birds.
During the tour guests will engage in various activities: snorkeling lesson, take an easy nature trail from the beach at Great Bird Island, explore a cave, bathing in the natural Jacuzzi at Hell's Gate Island.
We spend the day in the North Sound of Antgua where we have 22 offshore islands, learning about the Eco Systems an the history of the different islands in this protected area. You will learn about the turtle project at Jumby Bay, the reef ball system at Maiden Island, the beautiful and important Mangrove system by Guiana Island and much more.
Boat is a 52ft power catamaran (no sail - but large shade area over 3/4 of boat). The boat itself is extremely spacious and comfortable and has a fresh water shower and a restroom. Numbers on the tour are deliberately kept low to enhance the feeling of luxury they wants his guests to experience. Boat is also available for private charters, it takes a max of 31 passengers.
US$115 – per person - Snorkeling gear, food and drinks are provided.

The Xtreme Circumnav
- Using their 45 ft. offshore racing boat with 3 engines, this tour takes adventurers right around Antigua's 365 beaches. The main highlights of this tour is the high speed Miami Vice style run, through the amazing islands of the north sound with its myriad coral reefs, the Stingray City Marine Park where you can swim and have your picture taken actually holding one of these ancient and beautiful fish; the buffet lunch at Green Island; the tour of Nelson's Dockyard with your own on-board local historian; the guided snorkel trip at the awesome Pillars of Hercules with its volcanic boulders below the surface, and the swim and beach combing at the extremely secluded and beautiful Rendezvous Bay.
Since the boat used for this tour is very FAST, this tour is not for everyone:
1) The boat is a high performance 45-foot power boat using three, eco-friendly, 225hp Four Stroke Yamaha engines that sip fuel. Top cruise speed is an exhilarating 40 MPH which we will be doing passing the islands of the North Sound. If you "feel the need for speed" then this will be your favorite part of the trip! But if high speed thrills have never been your thing, then you would definitely be happier on the slower paced Eco-Tour.
2) Although the boat has been designed for offshore racing, the 5 mile run from Stingray City to our Lunch Spot on the North of Green Island could be a little "bumpy" for some. This tour is not recommended if you are pregnant.
3) This isn't the booze cruise your parents did in the "good old days". If you are "young at heart" (and not "faint of heart") it could just be the thrill of a lifetime. With five stops along the 50 miles run around the island this tour is action packed. So if you are up for some extreme action and are loving the idea of getting into the water with dozens of very friendly rays (they will come up and touch you!!), and if the image of that 40mph burst past the islands of the North Sound, and the adventurous ride in the Atlantic - if all this turns you on... then you are an ideal candidate for the Xtreme adventure!

We have two Xtreme boats and we use these to do circumnavigatios as well as Barbuda charters. Boats are also available for private charters, one takes 22 guests and the other takes 21 guests.

US$170 - Snorkeling gear, food and drinks are provided - Includes fees for Stingray City Marine Park

Adventure-Antigua-TourThe Antigua Classic Yacht - Using their newest boat which is a 40 foot wooden classically built Carriacou Sloop, this tour has also themes of history, ecology and adventure. This one takes you deeper into the historical experience by leaving you with first hand knowledge of what goes into building one of these magnificent vessels. The classic design of the sailing vessel has been maintained by passionate boat builders since the design was born on the Island of Carriacou back in the 1600s. At that time Scottish boat builders were brought in by plantation owners to build very fast freight carriers to help the plantations on these small islands maintain trade with the larger islands. Believe it or not the same boats are being built using the same tradition and expertise today. Built on the beach with local wood cut from the forests by local descendants who helped build the original boats, these fast work boats can be found in small numbers across the Caribbean used for fishing, carrying freight, smuggling, doing charters and most particularly racing! They had their Carriacou Sloop, The Ocean Nomad built in the Grenadines on the island of Carriacou being very careful to observe all traditions and designs. Adventure Antigua launched the boat in April of 2008 and very quickly got it ready enough to compete in the famous Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta later that month. Since then the boat has been properly finished to a standard that can be offered to day sailing guests. Their tour is very simple. You join the Ocean Nomad on the West Coast and sail on a straight reach to Cades Reef where we will snorkel in the clear waters there. From Cades it will be a short motor sail up to the beautiful Carlisle Bay where we will have a delicious Adventure Antigua lunch and watch the turtles which are very common there. After lunch you can relax under the shade of the awning or have a gentle swim while the crew prepares the boat for the leisurely afternoon sail back down to the West coast. On this unique cruise you can decide how much you would like to take part in sailing this classic vessel. We will teach you the basics of sailing as well as give you info about how this historical vessel was built.
Boat is a 40ft wooden claccically built Carriacou Sloop, it takes a max of 8 people. Boat is available for private charters.

US$170 - per person - Snorkeling gear, food and drinks are provided.

Adventure-Antigua-Tour-1Private Charters
They are available for private charters as well which can be designed according to your group's needs. They also offer Barbuda tour.

Sea View Heights, as Real Estate, Rental Agency and Tour Rep., is not responsible for the change in the prices, timetable and days of the tours. If you are interested in taking part in any of the tours shown, please contact the manager of the agency, Miss Katia Fattarelli through e-mail or phone 1 (268) 462-6266.


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