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"'Villa Polaris is the nearest one can get to a perfect location in Paradise. The Villa is beautifully designed and the views of Deep Bay and the Caribbean Sea from the balcony, the bedrooms and the infinity pool are all to die for. The turquoise sea, the Pelicans and Frigate Birds, the yachts anchored below, the ghostly appearance of the wreck of the 'Andes' in the Bay, and the morning and evening parade beyond the Bay of cruise ships majestically entering and leaving St Johns, all provided an added dimension to the sheer natural beauty of the location. We had tested the many superb restaurants on the Island whilst sailing the week before and, having stocked up well en route to the Villa at the Epicurian in St Johns, we had no need to leave the Villa. Indeed, why would we want to? Adam and Eve had no desire to leave the Garden of Eden; by the same reckoning, we had no desire to leave Villa Polaris!

Skep, who made sure everything for our stay ran smoothly, topped up our provisions with some wonderful freshly caught snapper which he had prepared and dressed for the barbecue; it was absolutely delicious. We have always had a rule that, because the World offers endless opportunities for new experiences and sites, we never plan to return to a place we have visited before. Villa Polaris has made us decide to toss out the rule book. We plan to return!!."

Peter and Diane Mitchell